Oil production for Jordan

Jordan imports virtually all its requirement for liquid hydrocarbons. The Government has adopted a policy of diversification of energy supplies and has embarked on a range of initiatives for renewable energy (solar, wind), optionality in gas supply, importation of LNG. Developing Jordan’s indigenous oil shale resources is an important part of the national energy policy. Jordan ranks 4th in the world in terms of known oil shale resources. There are 2.5 to 3 trillion proven extractable oil shale resources globally – more than double the world’s recoverable conventional crude oil reserves.

Karak International Oil (KIO) is a Jordanian company that specialises in the processing of oil shale, which has the potential to contribute to Jordan's energy independence. 

KIO employs leading edge technology and specialist expertise to unlock the potential of Jordan’s oil shale reserves. This untapped natural resource will help Jordan meet its domestic energy requirements and reduce its dependence on oil imports.

KIO’s first project is at Al Lajjun in Jordan and British parent company Kerogen Shale Ltd. has invested US$ 44m to date progressing the project. KIO's second project is at Na'dyya.