KIO Invests US$110 in Engineering Labs in Karak University College

In his opening remarks, KIO Vice – Chairman  Eng. Munther Akroush, said that “The social and economic dimensions of the project are in line with the Company’s criteria for the sustainable development projects," adding that, " the technical dimension of the project adds to the importance of it as KIO has broaden the scope of its sustainable development projects" 

Asserting that, “the social responsibility of the private sector forms the foundation for the development of the local communities.” He also added that “The projects in Karak University College, which is KIO’s 8th Sustainable Project, increase the total expenditure of KIO on Social Investment projects in Karak Governorate to USD 400,000. 


H.E The President of Balqa Applied University (BAU), Dr. Abdallah S. Al-Zoubi said, “On behalf of Al- Balqa Applied University, we thank the Chairman, the Vice-Chairman, the General Manager & the Board of Directors of Karak International Oil for equipping the two labs in Karak University College in line with KIO’s commitment to the Corporate Social Responsibility of the private sector. H.E. added that, “the BAU aims to establish a real partnership with the private sector to help achieve the sustainable development and to enhance the university’s plans, programs and courses.” H.E asserted that, “The University works hard to have graduates who are qualified at all levels and are able to compete in the labour market inside and outside Jordan.” H.E. added that, “the vision of the university is to offer high level of quality education, to keep abreast of the global scientific and technological development in various scientific and pioneering fields, to make the technical education more appealing, and to transfer the international models and experiences of this type of education to the faculties of Al- Balqa Applied University. 

Posted on: Tuesday, 25th July 2017
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