Karak International Oil is committed to following international standards of best practice in the areas of corporate governance, labour relations, health and safety, community relations and environment protection. Its directors believe that this is the path to true sustainability.


Good relations between the company and local community is important to KIO.  It aims to provide not only employment opportunities but also expertise and advice.  Rather than make people dependent on the company, KIO will give them the tools and resources to help themselves, consulting with the local community to ensure it meets real needs.

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Concern for the environment before, during and after our operations, is an integral part of KIO’s approach.  It aims to develop projects that can become carbon-neutral and employs methods that result in the least possible damage to the environment. 

Before beginning any project KIO draws up a comprehensive rehabilitation programme to return sites to their original condition wherever possible and, at the very least, to leave them safe, non polluting and useable.

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 Greenhouse Gas Policy                                      

Governance and ethics

KIO demands the strictest standards of integrity and professionalism from its employees and has procedures in place to protect individuals who report unethical behaviour. 

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Health and safety

KIO is committed to protecting its workforce and the wider community and is proud of its zero lost time accident rate over the 462,017 man hours spent on its projects to date.  It demands high safety standards at work, conducts risk assessments and provides all necessary resources, training and safety equipment to ensure a safe working environment based on international standards of best practice.  

Concern for workers’ health goes beyond preventing physical injury and for this reason KIO provides health checks and medical services to ensure workers’ health is monitored and maintained during their time with the company.

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KIO expects to create around 300 direct jobs in the first phase of its operations and indirect employment opportunities for many more.  Fair employment begins with fair recruitment and KIO applies strong principles of equality in selecting workers.

KIO invests in its workforce by not only enhancing their work skills through training programmes but also cultivating skills and knowledge that can be applied outside their current jobs.  In this way KIO is creating a bank of expertise that will benefit local communities after a project has ended.

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